Dr. Ralph & Mary Cram Medical Center

The Albion Health Care Alliance owns and manages the Ralph and Mary Cram Medical Center, next to Stoffer Plaza. Stoffer Plaza is also the home of the Albion Farmers’ Market during the warm seasons.

Over the years, the Cram Medical Center has provided Albion residents with access to

  • Primary Care
  • Dental Services
  • Audiology
  • Eye care
  • Navigation Services
  • 2-1-1 Local Calls
  • Calhoun County Public Health Dept.

Cram Building Celebrates its 20th Anniversary of opening!

The Dr. Ralph & Mary Cram Medical Center, is informally known as the "Cram Building."

The Albion Health Care Alliance began as the Greater Albion Alliance Health Care Task Force in 2002 to respond to the closure of Trillium Hospital.

The Albion Health Care Center opened in Stoffer Plaza in 2003 and is now named the “Dr. Ralph & Mary Cram Medical Center.”

Albion Health Care Alliance manages this building, which houses several health-related organizations.

The center is also called the “Cram Building.”  

See excerpts from the archives below.  The center opened 20 years ago, on March 18, 2003. 

A History of Health Care in Albion

Greater Albion Alliance Meeting
February 8, 2002

Excerpt: “A committee of nine people from the GAA has been formed to deal with the medical issue. Members include Harry Bonner, Bill Stoffer, Peggy Sindt, Peter Mitchell, with Barb Gladney acting as the 10th member, coordinating with the community. It was determined that the citizens are frightened, uncomfortable, uncertain, upset and uninformed about the medical situation.

 A grant proposal to fund a primary health care clinic for the under-insured, non-insured will be presented by the end of this month.”


The Albion Plan: Health Promotion, Health Care, and Wellness for “The Smart Community”

Presented on May 7, 2002 to an Open Forum at Albion High School


Five core values:

1. All citizens must have access to high quality health care;

2. We will build on the assets – tangible and intangible, relationships and facilities – already present in the community and in neighboring communities;

3. We will seek long-term and enduring solutions and avoid short-term quick fixes;

4. Collaboration among the major health care providers is critical to producing cost-effective and sustainable health care services;

5. While respecting the right of each entity to pursue its economic goals through the power of the marketplace, we will engage each entity in such a way that creative and innovative partnerships will produce a model health care delivery system.

Groundbreaking of the Albion Health Center, see remarks by Mayor Bill Wheaton next or click the photo to see many photos.

Only 9 months ago, Trillium Hospital closed in Albion.

Nov. 4, 2002 –  Albion Mayor Wheaton described how, only 9 months ago, Trillium Hospital closed in Albion. The community and college collaborated to develop the concept of a health care center. This concept, Mr. Wheaton predicted, will be repeated in many other communities to bring health care to their residents, when a full size hospital is no long viable. Thanks were expressed to Battle Creek Health System, Oaklawn Hospital, Kellogg foundation and Albion Foundation. Between the good news of the Albion Health Care Center, and the recent opening of Kids ‘N Stuff museum, Wheaton predicts Albion may once again become an “All American City.”

Image of modular building rolling down the brick streets of Albion.  Photo credit Frank Passic. Click the photo to see the story.
Story from the archives on Albionmich.com states:  “On Wednesday, Nov. 20, 2002,  the first four of eight units comprising the facility arrived in Albion.

The remaining four units are scheduled to arrive later this week. All eight sections will be put in place, near the Albion Meat Locker in downtown Albion, on Monday, Nov. 25.”

A soft opening of the Albion Health Center is planned for March 18, 2003

Albion Enews


Ribbon cutting and the opening of the center on March 18, 2003,

Albion Mayor Bill Wheaton cuts the ribbon on the Albion Health Center. Click the photo to see more.

See more stories in the albionmich.com archives about

  • the original concept,
  • the set up of the modular units,
  • a history of Albion Care Facilities,
  • the Albion Plan,
  • Trillium Hospital closes,
  • and more at: 


Dr. Ralph & Mary Cram

Mary and Ralph Cram had a vision for Albion, to use their skills to contribute toward the health of their neighbors in Albion, a city they chose to call home.

We joined the Albion community with sorrow on the recent passing of Dr. Ralph Cram on January 31, 2022. Dr. Cram and his wife Mary, who passed away in 2012, were active in many community projects in the Albion area. Mary Cram was her husband’s first nurse when he began his medical practice as a family medicine physician. During his many years of practice, Dr. Cram delivered over 3,000 babies.

Every one of those mothers and “babies” that came up to him on the street, in stores, at concerts or wherever he was in public to say hello or “do you remember me” or “you know, you delivered me/my sister/brother/mother/father/” placed a little smile upon his heart because he treasured being their doctor and having helped them get started in life.

The Crams came to Albion in the 1960s, where they both practiced at Albion Community Hospital, later renamed Trillium Hospital. Dr. Cram was named the 1993 Michigan “Family Physician of the Year” by the Michigan Academy of Family Physicians.

One of the Crams’ favorite projects was the restoration of the Albion Train Depot, which happened in 1985. Recently the Cram family donated additional funds for continued upkeep and improvements to the Albion Train Depot.  Read the story by The Recorder by clicking here.

The Location of the Cram Medical Center


The Cram Medical Center is located at 115 Market Place, adjacent to the Albion Farmers’ Market. 

There is plenty of onsite parking, and a beautiful view of the Kalamazoo River is close by. 

The Cram building occupancy for medical services is currently full.

Use our online form to contact us about office availability.

Offices in the Cram Medical Center

The organizations below are now in the Cram Medical Center.

Local health care for Albion residents!

Dr. Ralph & Mary Cram Medical Center houses these health providers. Call to make an appointment:

Albion Health Care Alliance (AHCA) works with many area organizations to address the greater Albion community’s hunger and other health needs.  AHCA is a 501(c)(3) organization. You can help us to make our friendly community a bit healthier!

Thank you to all who contribute their time, money, share our work, or allow us to serve you! 

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