Chronic Disease Workgroup Albion

Members of multiple organizations join in regular Zoom meetings to analyze data in key areas of Albion to discuss Social Determinants of Health. A Spring 2023 Powerpoint Presentation gives an overview specific to the community of Albion.

Excerpt from the end of this PPT – Challenges and Opportunities

• Maintaining good participation by community members
• Getting funding to support evidence-based initiatives for a Spring roll-out
• Solidifying commitment by community partners who are located in neighborhoods we will be serving in
• Asset Mapping results guiding decision making around location & partners for initiatives
• Opportunity to have neighborhood residents, city government, provider organizations collaborating together to improve health outcomes

This Powerpoint Presentation compares demographics of Albion key areas to similar census blocks in other communities.

Excerpt from end of the PPT above: Next Steps –

• Invite Community Organizations to the table to join community members
• Create neighborhood-based programs based on “best practices” chosen by community members
• Create quality metrics to help gauge effectiveness of programs

Albion Health Care Alliance Administrator Rod Auton Presents findings of Chronic Disease Workgroup to Albion City Council on September 19, 2022. Click the image below to go to that spot in the City Council presentation. Below the image is the actual Powerpoint shown that day which can be accessed to go along with the talk.

Excerpt from the end of the PPT presentation presented to Albion City Council in the video above on Sept 19, 2022.

Promising Practices
• Obesity
• Diabetes
• Stroke
• High Blood Pressure
• Smoking
• Sedentary Lifestyle

The chart above is an excerpt from the September 19, 2022 presentation to Albion City Council.

Some Chronic Disease Workgroup members attended a Zoom meeting early in 2023.

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