The Albion Health Care Alliance manages several events during the year.  These include:

  • Health and Safety Expo
  • Healthy Babies Day
  • Annual Food Summit
  • Labor Day River Walk
  • Vaccination Clinics
  • Food Distribution
  • Holiday B.A.S.H  – this event has changed over the years but began with the Albion Community Hospital Ball.  

AHCA also participates in a number of other community events including:

  • Juneteenth
  • Harvest and Gospel Fest at the Bohm theatre
  • Festival of the Forks
  • Harrington Schools End of Year Celebration

Learn more about Albion Health Care Alliance’s various events and former programs below. 

While an event any more, instead of the Albion Community Hospital Ball, there was a Holiday B.A.S.H., which is now a Fall newsletter with a recap of the past year and thanks to everyone who participated. Then we wanted another letter looking forward to the year ahead so we have just added a Spring newsletter!  You may be getting a letter from Albion Health Care Alliance.  If you would like a letter, please get in touch with us and ask to be on our mailing list!  If you would like to contribute, you may visit our Donate Page.  Thank you!

Annual Health & Safety Expo 

Saturday, June 24, 2023

Location: Stoffer Plaza, 115 Market Place, Albion.  This spot is also known as the Farmer’s Market.  It is in downtown Albion behind the Bohm Theatre.

This is now a drive-thru event.

Everyone is welcome!  Receive FREE items & important information related to your family’s health & safety.  Enter raffles to win prizes!


Community Partners

Stoffer Plaza, the location of the Albion Farmers' Market and the site for the Annual Health and Safety Expo.

Healthy Babies Day

Local families with little or expecting little ones should attend Healthy Babies Day.

This free event will be held Saturday, September 23, 2023, from 10 a.m. until 12 noon. 

The location is at Kids ‘N Stuff Museum, 301 S. Superior St. in Albion.

Families from Albion and surrounding communities are invited and encouraged to attend.

  • Albion Health Care Alliance
  • Healthy Babies Day Committee
  • Albion-Homer United Way
  • Oaklawn Hospital
  • Kids ‘n Stuff Museum

Healthy Babies Day 2023

Healthy Babies Day is usually a Saturday in mid-September.  This event has also changed over the years and will be held at Kids ‘N’ Stuff for 2023. 

Healthy Babies Day is Saturday, September 23, 2023 10am-noon at  Kids ‘N’ Stuff.   This event is for parents, who are expecting, and/or those with children, newborns through 18-months-old, and their caregivers in Albion and the surrounding areas—free samples and resources.

We are showing text and photos here from earlier years. The theme is the same.

A FREE event for parents who are expecting and/or those with children, newborn through 18-months-old, and their caregivers, in the greater Albion community and surrounding areas.

More than 25 booths! Educational Break-Out Sessions
Free samples & resources
Flu Shots
Free Lunch
Nutrition Education
Breastfeeding Resources

Car Seat Safety Checks
Safe Sleep Practices
Coping with a Crying Baby
Normal Growth & Development
Baby essentials gifts for all registrants (first aid kits, safe sleep sacks, diapers, wipes)

Annual Food Summit

The Annual Albion Food Summit is a workgroup and learning opportunity with people from Calhoun County and Michigan who help with food for Michigan residents.

People came together to engage in meaningful dialog and planning around addressing food security in the Albion area community. We will be sharing more information later about the issues of “food deserts,” creating and strengthening better systems of food distribution, and health equity. The Food Summit 2023 was hosted by Albion Health Care Alliance and the Community Table of Albion and took place at the Kellogg Center at Albion College


Chronic Disease Workgroup Albion

Members of multiple organizations join in regular Zoom meetings to analyze data in key areas of Albion to discuss Social Determinants of Health. A Spring …

Closing Out Our First Half of 2023 With Thanks to Our Donors and to Our Volunteers

Faith Leaders Forum Committee Members Alfredia Dysart-Drake, Amy Reimann, Dr. Barbara Keyes, Pastor Albert Amos, Rod Auton and Marquetta Frost. Missing from photo: Danielle Acker.

Spring 2023 Newsletter

Albion Health Care Alliance Spring Letter • Looking forward! There is something about June that is like no other month. There are many community activities, the weather is perfect, and summer is not quite here or has just started. When Albion Health Care Alliance created its first Spring Fundraiser in 2023, we started with a fresh history that had yet to be done. We thank the many people who were able to contribute to help

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Community Table of Albion Volunteers from left to right: John Shedd, Ginny Garrison, Veronica Cordova, Octavio Morales, Beth Williamson, Peyton Easterwood, Ernest Radobaugh, Dana Anderla, Felisha Coats, Terry Anderla. Not pictured was the set-up crew which had already left: Lenn Reid, Beth Lincoln, Shayla Ardis, & Chavarie Johnson. CTA register that day was Dagmar McKinney.

Albion Health Care Alliance works with many area organizations to address the greater Albion community’s hunger and other health needs.  You can help us to make our friendly community a bit healthier!

Thank you to everyone who contributes with their time, donations, sharing information, or letting us serve you! 

Labor Day Albion Walk the Trail

Albion Healthcare Alliance Executive Director was Nidia Wolf from 1990 – 1995.  She had started the Labor Day Albion Trail Walk before that, when she was the director of Albion’s Downtown Development Authority.  Over the years, the walk kept changing and now includes a stopover at History Hill in Holland Park.  Albion Healthcare Alliance is committed to healthy outdoor activities.  See photos from past years below, and for more information visit

Vaccination Clinics

Below are some recent clinics that were organized by Albion Health Care Alliance in conjunction with other groups including Calhoun County Health Department and Grace Health.  These were posts on Facebook, so to visit our Facebook page go to this link:

To see more about our work on Health Care including vaccines visit our Health Care page here:

Albion Health Care Alliance also participates in local events to raise awareness for vaccinations.  We have Health Ambassadors that go door to door to let people know about clinics.  The program evolved from our Neighborhood Health Visitors Program that would help to raise awareness of health options for residents of Albion.  

Programs AHCA participates in

  • Juneteenth
  • Gospel and Praise Festival at the Bohm Theater.
  • Festival of the Forks
  • Harrington School’s End of Year Celebration
Harrington School's End of the Year celebration was an opportunity for Albion Healthcare Alliance Administrator Rod Auton to show how much he cared about healthy food.
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