Frequently Asked Questions

What is Albion Health Care Alliance?

The Albion Health Care Alliance is a not-for-profit, 501(c)(3), organization based in Albion, Michigan. The Alliance was created in 2003 to promote wellness, access to health care, and care coordination to enable people in the greater Albion community to achieve their optimal health status.

Thank you for choosing to support Albion Health Care Alliance with your charitable giving. 

Please contact us if you have any questions about our programs or your donation. 

Coordinating Healthcare in Albion

How does Albion Health Care Alliance Fight Hunger Locally?

We manage the Community Table of Albion, a collaborative group that distributed 6,800 food boxes in 2022 to Albion residents.

We also manage a food pantry at Wesley Hall on the Albion College campus to serve Albion residents.

Food Distribution Programs

What is Health Care Navigation?

One of our top priorities is health care navigation services. Our certified enrollment navigators work with community residents to determine eligibility and facilitate enrollment in state and federal programs, including ACA marketplace, Medicare/Medicaid Assistance Program, MDHHS Social Security, Prescription Drug Access, and Utility Assistance Programs.

Our staff answers 2-1-1 calls weekly from Albion residents to guide them to the services they need.

Showing residents where the help is

Where is Albion Health Care Alliance located?

Albion Health Care Alliance owns and manages the  Cram Healthcare Center, which is next to the Farmers’ Market in Stoffer Plaza.  

This is a place where Albion residents can access primary care, dental, audiology, eye care, and navigation services.

Dr. Ralph and Mary Cram Medical Center

What has Albion Health Care Alliance done lately?

During the past year, the Albion Health Care Alliance has:
  • Offered 1,100 navigation services & made 750 calls related to COVID-19 vaccination clinics.
  • Organized 20 COVID-19 vaccination clinics in Albion, coordinated street teams to provide accurate information to area residents about the vaccine, and trained 17 vaccination ambassadors.
  • Helped enroll 150 Albion residents in Medicaid, Medicare, and Social Security.
  • Organized a mental health symposium for faith leaders.
  • Created a homelessness workgroup to address the needs of residents facing housing insecurity.
Addressing Albion's health concerns

Why is Albion Health Care Alliance asking for donations?

The Albion Health Care Center later renamed the Cram Medical Center, filled a void after the loss of Albion Community Hospital.

Each year the hospital would hold The Albion Hospital Ball, where Albion’s finest would dress up to dance and contribute to Albion’s caregiving facilities.

After Albion’s Hospital closed, the event was still held and renamed Albion’s Healthcare B.A.S.H.

Now, after COVID-19 we are asking for donations remotely. 

We greatly appreciate your help that allows us to help those less fortunate.

Your donation helps us to address healthcare needs in Albion.

Albion Health Care Alliance is your local advocate for health services in the greater Albion area. 


We are a 501(c)(3) organization.

We work with local, regional, and state entities to support coordinated care efforts.

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