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COVID-19 Testing


The phone numbers to call for appointments is 517-629-5080 (Albion Healthcare Alliance) or 517-629-6578. (direct line for navigation services.)

People can also come in and get tested without an appointment,  although it is preferred to have an appointment.  

More information about COVID testing in Albion is available by clicking here.


Albion, Michigan was an early recipient of the neighborhood testing program.

Albion Healthcare Alliance works with the Michigan Department of Human Services, and Albion College to provide this free service for local residents and college students.

The program still exists at Washington Gardner School, also known as the Body and Soul Center at Albion College.  The address of the testing site is 401 E. Michigan Avenue, Albion, MI.

Additional Support for Albion from AHCA

COVID-19 Vaccine Clinics

Vaccine Clinics:
in 2021 Albion Healthcare Alliance facilitated
over 20 vaccine clinics and in 2022
we are on track to do more.

To see more posts of recent clinics
visit our Healthcare page.

FREE KN95 Mask Distribution

Albion Healthcare Alliance distributes free K95 masks to the general public as they become available from the Michigan Dept. of Health and Human Services.

COVID-19 Vaccine Clinics

Albion Vaccine clinics

During the past year, the Albion Health Care Alliance has:

  • Offered 1,100 navigation services & made 750 calls related to COVID-19 vaccination clinics.
  •  Organized 20 COVID-19 vaccination clinics in Albion, coordinated street teams to provide accurate information to area residents about the vaccine, and trained 17 vaccination ambassadors. 

For current information, including neighborhood vaccine clinics at upcoming local events, please visit: 

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