Barbara Keyes, Ph.D.

AHCA Board President, Oaklawn Hospital, Psychological Services

Dr. Barbara Keyes completed her undergraduate studies at the College of Wooster and received her Master’s Degree and Doctorate from Bowling Green State University. Her specialties include depression, anxiety, women’s issues, and panic disorders. Dr. Keyes has also served as the Chair of the Psychology Department at Albion College. Dr. Keyes joined the staff of Oaklawn Hospital in 1994.

A 2016 healthcare needs assessment conducted by Albion College psychology professors Eric Hill and Barbara Keyes found that nearly 62 percent of 269 surveyees said a lack of available services was a barrier to their healthcare. Nearly a third said a lack of transportation was a barrier. This survey was instrumental in the creation of both the student clinic located at the Munger Place in Albion and the Oaklawn Express clinic at the same location. If any visitor, student or not, is financially concerned about their visit, they can visit the clinic and meet with a representative the Albion Healthcare Alliance, who will help them find healthcare service and insurance options, private or public, that best suit them for free, he said. Students can also visit the AHCA, located behind the Bohm Theatre.

Source: Pleiad Albion College student newspaper

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