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    Healthcare Navigation Services

    Even though Albion is located in Calhoun County, which is rich in healthcare resources, there is difficulty for many residents in locating and accessing these services.

    Healthcare navigators became increasingly important after the Affordable Care Act that allows many residents to have health insurance who never had health insurance before.  The healthcare navigation services at Albion Healthcare Alliance are complimentary.

    Our navigators can explain in simple language, the steps that individuals need to take to access medical care, transportation, mental health care, tax preparation, help with food, and utlities.

    This assistance may save health costs for the Albion community at large.  This is because individuals with some knowledge are more likely to follow through on their health needs.  They feel empowered  to get their examinations, preventative care, when they know what to do.

    Call 2-1-1

    Albion Healthcare Alliance assists with local 2-1-1 calls as part of our healthcare navigation system.  When residents call 2-1-1 they may be directed to one of our specialists. 

    Michigan 2-1-1 is an easy way to connect with help of all kinds, right in your community. Need help with food, housing, or paying bills? Need support in a family crisis or community disaster? We’re here for you. Any time. All the time. Just call, text, or search online and we’ll get you connected. Learn more about the Michigan 2-1-1 service by clicking here.

    COVID-19 Testing

    Albion, Michigan was an early recipient of the neighborhood testing program. Albion Healthcare Alliance works with the Michigan Department of Human Services, and Albion College to provide this free service for local residents and college students.

    The phone numbers to call for appointments is 517-629-5080 (Albion Healthcare Alliance) or 517-629-6578. (direct line for navigation services.) People can also come in and get tested without an appointment,  although it is preferred to have an appointment.  

    More information about COVID testing in Albion is available by clicking here.

    The program still exists at Washington Gardner School, also known as the Body and Soul Center at Albion College.  The address of the testing site is 401 E. Michigan Avenue, Albion, MI.

    Additional Support for Albion from AHCA

    COVID-19 Vaccine Clinics

    Vaccine Clinics:
    in 2021 Albion Healthcare Alliance facilitated
    over 20 vaccine clinics and in 2022
    we are on track to do more.

    To see more posts of recent clinics
    visit our Healthcare page.

    FREE KN95 Mask Distribution

    Albion Healthcare Alliance distributes free K95 masks to the general public as they become available from the Michigan Dept. of Health and Human Services.

    Other Health Services Located in the Cram Healthcare Center


    To learn more about Grace Health Dental services in Albion, call 517-629-6540, or visit this link:


    Grace Health Dental Services are located in the Cram Healthcare Center.  This is a special office because patients who have insurance such as Medicaid or Senior Millage coverage can be helped, without even having to drive out of Albion!

    Grace Health is one of the few dental practices in town accepting children and adults with Medicaid insurance. Their dental department, in both Battle Creek and Albion, offers everything from cleaning to complex restorations with the use of nitrous oxide gas, which eases anxiety for some patients.

    They can provide dental exams, cleanings, x-rays, fillings, crowns, root canals, complete and partial dentures, periodontal treatment as well as oral surgery procedures. Also for those who reside in Calhoun County, who are over age 60, have limited income, and no dental insurance, you may qualify for dental care under senior millage funding.

    To learn more about Grace Health Dental services in Albion, call 517-629-6540, or visit this link:


    Oaklawn Medical Group Audiology

    Hours at the Cram Building in Albion –  first Thursday of every month from 1:00 -5:00 pm.

    Call the Audiology office to schedule your appointment at (269) 789-0015.

    For more information visit this link:

    More Services at this Location

    Cram Healthcare Center

    Offices at our Location

    Grace Health of Albion

    +1 517-629-6540

    Oaklawn Medical Group

    +1 269-789-0015

    Albion Medical Associates

    Family Health Care
    +1 269-558-0080

    Coming Soon to Albion

    +1 517-629-5080
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