Spring 2023 Newsletter

Albion Health Care Alliance Spring Letter • Looking forward!

There is something about June that is like no other month. There are many community activities, the weather is perfect, and summer is not quite here or has just started. When Albion Health Care Alliance created its first Spring Fundraiser in 2023, we started with a fresh history that had yet to be done. We thank the many people who were able to contribute to help us with our mission:

We help people access care, education, and other resources that can improve their health.

You might like to see our Spring Letter to learn more about how Albion Health Care Alliance is working toward that goal. The image below is linked to a pdf file of our letter. Thank you again to everyone who gave, and helped us to reach our first half of the year with extra support so that we can reach more people to help them with their healthcare needs, including food assistance.

Albion Health Care Alliance works with many area organizations to address the greater Albion community’s hunger and other health needs.  You can help us to make our friendly community a bit healthier!

Thank you to everyone who contributes with their time, donations, sharing information, or letting us serve you! 

Community Table of Albion Volunteers – John Shedd, Ginny Garrison (staff,)

Veronica Cordova, Octavio Morales, Beth Williamson, Peyton

Easterwood, Ernest Radobaugh, Dana Anderla, Felisha Coats, Terry Anderla.

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